ICStar Hackathon RPA 2020

In last April 2020, PT. ONE (Orbit National Education) which a part of IDStar Group are held a Hackathon Competition.

This competition is held online with a RPA theme (Robotic Process Automation). Supported by a big company that focused on the RPA sector, UiPath. ICStar Hackathon RPA 2020 also supported by banking companies such as Bank BCA, Bank Mega, and Adira. So, it can collect all the college students in the 7-8 semester and the fresh graduate. The majors participating in this competition are Information and Technology, Information System, and Industrial Technique from 27 Universities in Indonesia.

The purpose of this ICStar Hackhaton Competition 2020, is a bridge in responding to problems that hinder the movement of education with the industrial world. So, with this event, we hope it can increase the spirit of the nation’s children and can prepare them all to enter the workforce. The partnership with all the companies is expected to help speed up the recruitment of all the participants in ICStar Hackathon and they also can directly be hired by the companies.

ICStar Hackathon RPA 2020 itself are held in 5 months which consist in 3 phases.

Starting in Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. They’re all competing to achieve the 1st place in ICStar Hackathon that are held online for the first time in Indonesia. From 286 participants in phase 1 would be selected in phase 2 until the remaining 66 participants consisting of 22 teams that has to fight to continue their battle in ICStar Hackathon Final Showcase in Phase 3.

Until the end, September 2, 2020,  ICStar Hackathon Final Showcase are held LIVE via Zoom and Youtube. This competition has been watched by more than 3000 people to watch the last 6 teams. The 6 teams include: Study Wars, reCaptcha, URobo Thar, Ganther, Blue Navy, and PandoraBots. They’re the finalists who are fighting to reach the 1st place in this competition.

ICStar Final Showcase was so intense. All teams have 31 minutes to presenting and demo the RPA. After presenting the results from each team,there would be a jury whose gonna give them their feedback. Other than decisions from the jury, All the audience can vote to their whiz team which can affect the final result of each team.

After going through three phases in the competition, we finally found the three winners..

The 1st Place of ICStar Hackathon 2020, is achieved by Study Wars team. The team consisted of  Anwar, Salma, and Muthia whose got a IDR90.000.000 cash. Also, Principal UiPath also gave them $1000 caused of the proudness of ICStar Hackathon. The 2nd place is achieved by Blue Navy team. The team consisted of Adi Januardi, Hamdi Hidayat, and Norma Irkham whose can bring a IDR 45.000.000 cash. And for the 3rd Place is achieved by Pandora Bots team. The team consisted ofWahyu Ade Pratama, Salma Pratiwi, and Rio Gabriel Sinaga whose got a IDR15.000.000 cash.

All the feelings mixed into one. Starting from feelings of sadness, joy, and nervousness during the participants undergoing the 2020 ICStar Hackathon competition. ONE Indonesia has proven that the existence of the covid-19 pandemic will not be a barrier to presenting a generation of stars who will become the nation’s next generation. Hopefully, this competition can work up the spirit of all the nation’s next generation in order to keep strive for the betterment of the nation, Indonesia.

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