Human Capital Management

GIT as your HCM Consultant, helps analyze your needs and implement the right strategies and solutions for your company. Successful deployment of HCM technology requires that you consider variables that go beyond system selection and deployment, such as workforce preferences, business operating models, managing change, and stakeholder expectations. With our experience in delivering successful deployments, GIT is your partner of choice in HCM technology.


According to Bontis (1999) defines human capital as human capital representing human factors in an organization which is a combination of intelligence, skills, and expertise that gives the organization its own character.

The human element of the organization is those who are able to learn, change, innovate, and provide creative impetus which if properly motivated will ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Human Capital Management is viewing people as a key resource in the organization, not just a supporter in carrying out the goals of the organization.

Human Capital Management has responsibilities or job descriptions such as, Conducting employee recruitment processes, Compiling the company’s organizational structure, Measuring employee workloads, Processing company and employee data, Managing employee salaries, and so on.


Human Resources Management

Human Resources is to ensure that human resources become supporters in the implementation of business strategies, with all that is in them.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital is a strategy to optimize talent to generate or create value that is used to actualize and accelerate the achievement of an effective and efficient business strategy.


You could say below the real standard. Because there is no strategic and efficient approach and tactics, so companies need to focus on this problem.

Many HR realize that employees are basically a special company asset, but they also admit that they often don't use them optimally, sometimes even don't move in line with what they should, such as reducing employees but not looking for replacements, and Inaccurately calculate the number of employees needed.

It should be in every change there needs to be anticipatory steps to compensate for everything that is sudden. However, if HR doesn't know more and doesn't pay attention to the impact, system changes will be detrimental, not beneficial.

If HR is not smart in determining effective strategies, it will increase costs that can harm the company, because it does not produce anything positive.



Intellectuals are not always based on a person’s high level of education. Many people do not have higher education, but because he is a thinker, the results of his thoughts and ideas are of quality and have value so that they can be accepted by society.


A person’s ability to manage his emotions, and understand the emotions of others so that he is able to take the most appropriate action in interacting with that person.


Human ability to respect each other’s differences that occur and live, this ability will make all employees synergize in differences so that they can work together to increase the creativity of each individual in the company.


The ability of employees to integrate moral values ​​in behavior, be responsible for work, have a compassionate and caring nature, and be forgiving by not responding to the unpleasant treatment of other employees.

How Does HCM Collaborate With Technology?

Of course you should be able to find an IT HCM consultant who is experienced, trusted, and understands the HCM problems your company is facing. Can explain theory and practice related to the problems encountered. And no less important is to provide solutions through concepts, ideas, and implementation.

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